Chanel Precision Purifying Cream Mask

As a gal with combination-oily skin, i like to use in depth face masks at least once a week to eliminate all that sebum build up. Clay masks have become my best friend in controlling my skin, most brands of skincare have something of this sort in their range to offer.

So, without further introduction this is Chanel Precision Purifying Cream  Mask.

Chanel Purifying Face Mask

This beauty is the first product that i ever tried from Chanel skincare and its meant to help eliminate impurities, absorb excess sebum and leave skin refreshed. It should be left for 10 minutes on the skin, until its dried up and removed with warm water.

After trying it for a couple of times, i can say that it sure delivers the promises on the box. It is very creamy once applied, it dries fast and it doesn’t have a strong fragrance (more of a lightly floral-fresh scent). After removing it my skin is comfortable, soft and shine free, even the pores appear refined. The only odd thing that i noticed is a slightly tingling feeling once applied, but no irritation or redness after removing it.

It comes in a size of 75 ml with a price tag of 45 euro. Expensive, i know but a little goes a long way (i used it 5 times and the tube looks like new).

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  1. March 18, 2010 / 5:10 pm

    expensive, yes.. but if it works it’s a good choice 😉

    • andreea
      March 18, 2010 / 8:51 pm

      I believe its better spend the money on something that it works, rather then buy 5 cheap products that do half a job. Nevertheless, 45 euro for a face mask is a bit much.

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