Clarins Daily Energizing Cleansers

As I was browsing the shop the other day, i came across on a brand new range of products designed for young skin (mainly 20s) from Clarins. The range is called Daily Energizer and it is meant to introduce the brand to young customers who are looking for a skincare routine to start with.

The main focus is on signs of fatigue, minor blemishes, radiance, shine and hydration with the help of natural extracts like green coffee, white tea, moringa and redcurrant, all with antioxidant properties.

I decided to give the cleansers a go first, mainly as i was impressed with the prices. I mean 12.75 euro for a cleansing gel (75ml) and 19.00 euro for a toner (125ml) is very good for Clarins.

Both cleansers are in bright orange see thru packaging and have a fresh-fruity scent.

The Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel has moringa extract, is non drying and it foams very easily. You`ll need a pea size for the whole face as a little goes a long way. I use it in the evening time, in the shower after i removed my make-up with a milk cleanser (Lancome Douceur at the moment). Don’t know if it is meant for all types of skin but i don’t see it work for a dry complexion, as after use my skin is slightly tight (I’m oily-combination).

The Daily Energizer Wake-up Boostershould be used in the morning, to refresh and invigorate the skin. It is a lovely first step for cleansing the skin before applying your moisturiser and make-up. The scent is not to overpowering (for me at least), the lotion is gentle and non-irritating at all. Again though, i don’t see it work wonders for a dry complexion as it can be mildly astringent.

In the range there is an energizing moisturiser as well, available in a gel-cream form for normal/combination, cream for dry skin and lotion with SPF 15 for all types of skin (price 25.00 euro, i believe).

Overall I’m very pleased with the cleansers, they are indeed very “young” scented and just perfect for the summer time.

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