Bomb Summer Honey Massage Bar

I haven’t used a massage bar in ages, mostly because i don’t have a Lush shop in my town. I love to use them instead of moisturiser and of course for massages. They are very hydrating, lovely scented and what i love the most, not messy. I hate those bottle oils that get spilled everywhere and you end up pouring to much or to little. Well at least it happens to me.

So behold my new massage bar Bomb Summer Honey:

Bomb description: “A warming vanilla heart over a caramelised honey base. Lovingly made with generous helpings of honey and coconut to hydrate and deeply moisturise your skin. Feel the warmth of summer over your whole body”.

Isn’t it cute? Smells of sweet honey, is packed with moisturising cocoa butter and it is just lovely. All you have to do is to is to rub it between your hands or directly on the skin until it starts to melt. It leaves a nice sheen and the scent will linger for hours. I think i might use it on my legs as well, when I’m gonna be tanned to make them appear longer :).

To keep it fresh i store it in plastic foil in my press and i also have a Lush tin for massage bars, but this one doesn’t fit in it. Hmm…the whole closet smell so nice now.

The price is not bad either, only 3.49 euro per bar. I hope my shop is going to get more of this, as i have my eye on Chocolate Therapy and Butter Me Baby :).

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