Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells

Hypnose Precious Cells by Lancome, is a new generation of mascara which is going to condition, densify and volumize the lashes in just one go. I know there are other mascaras on the market that condition the lashes, but usually they come in two steps: apply the white treatment and then apply the black mascara (see Loreal Double Extension Renewal).

Of course i had to give this a try, I mean a nice mascara and fuller natural lashes? 


The brush seems to be very thin, but i find it has the same shape as the Hypnose Drama. It is easy to manoeuvre and i don’t make a mock of myself like i did with its predecessor Drama.

I cant say anything yet about the lash condition situation as i only used it for a week, but what i can say its that it gives a nice volume and separation to the lashes, without smudging at the end of the day. The only drawback so far it is that it seems to dry pretty fast on the lashes, so it is not really buildable. When I’m applying it i have the impression that it is waterproof…you know that dry feeling, aldo i know its not. I manage to apply about two coats and I’m a happy camper for the day.

It comes in black, brown and blue and it retails at 25.00 euro. I quite like the blue one, as it is more of a dark denim blue and i might make it my holiday mascara ;).

Here are some photos of my lashes:

 For more info about it, you can read  here.

Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think.

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