My final spree with Biotherm in Ireland

As i mentioned in a previous post, Biotherm is leaving Ireland (here). Yeah, I’m quite sad about it as i was just discovering the brand, but i suppose there is always online shopping.

So today on my lunch break i ventured to the Biotherm counter looking to stock up on some products that i may or may not need. As i was enquiring about my Age Fitness 2 moisturiser, the lovely SA informs me that there is a 50% off sale going on the Biotherm. Oh no…don’t do this to me…50% off!?! The possibilities, the choices…oh my…what shall i get first? 

After a bit of deliberation and advice from the SA, i decided to get the Age Fitness 2 day cream for combination skin and not to bother with the night one. Even if it said that is for combination skin, the night cream had a greasier texture and i had a feeling that it will break me out. And anyway, the day moisturiser doesn’t have a SPF so i can use it during night time (review is here)

So that was sorted, what shall i get next? Well as i only have 2 more months left (1 1/2 to be more exact) until my sun holiday, i tackled the cellulite issue. Apparently the Biotherm cellulite range is the best thing since sliced bread and all the girls in the shop swear by it. Oh, then give it all to me in buckets, please! And so they did: i got the Celluli Laser Day Gel, Celluli Laser Intensive Night Gel and the Body Resculpt Abdomen Concentrate.

I will do a proper review about them after at least one month of continuous use and hopefully i will have good things to report back.

Have you tried them before? What are your “holiday” body preparations?

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