TIGI Bed Head Brunette Goddess

My general tendency when it comes to my haircare its just to use whatever i find on offer in the chemist, reaching very often for the Loreal shampoos and conditioners (love the red-colored hair line, marvelous stuff) and spice things up with different sachet masks for an intense treatment.

Im not the one to go for expensive hair products, as i have dark straight hair with no particular problems. I only have tried a Kerastase mask in the past (the pink one, don’t remember the name i believe its for shine and light reflection) and didn’t really see any super duper results comparing to the high street ones, so i leaved it at that.

Anyway, that said i have a soft spot for the Tigi products mainly for their names and very generous sizes. I mean Brunette Goddess anyone? Oh yes I am :p!. They were on offer in my chemist, buy the shampoo and get the conditioner for free so it worked out about 5 euro each for 400ml, a bargain i tells you! 

As you can see i got the shine spray too, for well…a bit of shine.

The blurb about the range:

“For All Brunettes, Natural or Chemically Enhanced Tigi Bedhead Brunette Goddess Shampoo has a formula with a deliciously rich fragrance and goddess-like lather that provides ultimate shine and nourishment. Protective ingredients derived from sunflowers help guard against color fading and harmful UV rays while enriching brunette tones. Multi-Vitamin formula drenches hair with essential nutrients for healthier looking hair.” (source www.tigihaircare.com)

My hair is shoulder lenght, straight, naturally dark and enhanced with some Loreal Casting Darkest Brown hair dye, so nothing special there. It has a greasy tendency and it gets washed about 3-4 times a week, so i was concerned about the colour running out.

After two weeks of continous use:

The good

I adore the almond scent! Smells just like caramel-chocolate, it makes the shower experience feel very luxurious. As it is heavily scented, it didn’t make my scalp itchy or dry.

The texture is great too, you`ll need only one-two pumps of product which will give you a great lather.

It has a pump and it is 400ml. Enough said.

The shampoo is perfect, it seems that my hair doesn’t get greasy that fast anymore and i don’t feel any build up of product. I am one of those people who do like silicon shampoos, they give shine and make my hair very manageable but some of them have a bit too much (Pantene for example).

The Bad

I am not that impressed with the conditioner. It has a thick texture, which it makes it difficult to get out of the tube and on the hair it seems to be very light. Don’t get me wrong, my hair it didn’t get dry but i would like a bit extra moisture.

The shine spray is very light as well, (some of the sprays can be very oily and greasy) and has the same great smell. I’m using it more for the scent then for the shine properties, haven’t noticed any major differences. 

Bottom line i will repurchase the shampoo and keep looking for a good conditioner.

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  1. June 28, 2010 / 7:29 pm

    I think I’m a Brunette Goddess too 🙂 What chemist did you get the shampoo and conditioner on offer in?

  2. andreea
    July 3, 2010 / 12:48 pm

    Hi Alethea, i got it from my local chemist- Cara Pharmacy. It was on offer, buy the shampoo (about 10 euro), get the conditioner for free 🙂

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