Clarins Crystal Balm

This summer, Clarins brought out on the market a new lip balm as part of the new summer collection. Available in three shades Crystal Coral (coral/orange), Crystal Red (red) and Crystal (pink) these new lip balms have an unique look guaranteed to attract your attention.

I got the Crystal Coral 02 one, a pretty orange jelly looking thingy.

It looks red in the photo, but its bright orange in reality. I know, my camera sucks.

It is soooo pretty and smells just like jellie sweeties! Don’t be scared about the colors, the pigmentation its very sheer and they give just a hint of color. The shine of it is ok, don’t expect anything extremely glossy.

What i found disappointing is that they don’t give moisture at all (to me at least). It leaves a silicon feeling on the lips and i believe they are more lip stains then balms. I use mine as a base, applying the Instant Sun Light Pen Gloss in shade 03 (the new collection as well). It works like a charm for an every day look.

In my opinion, if your looking for a moisturising lip balm give this a pass, but if your looking for a casual lip stain/sheer gloss this is the product for you. It retails at 19,50 euro.

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