Biotherm Celluli Laser Cellulite Range

A while ago i purchased the Biotherm Celluli Laser range in the hope that it will deliver good visible results for my summer holiday. If you didn’t know, Biotherm is closing their counters across Ireland so i was lucky enough to get my hands on the products half price.  If i remember right, full price they are about 45-50 euro each.

Being on sale, i thought what the heck…i should get the whole range will I’m at it, surely i will get faster results and get my bikini body in no time. Yes I’m that type of deluded customer who gets excited over nothing.

For the last month i have been using religiously morning and evening the Celluli Laser Biofibrine Day Gel, Celluli Laser Intensive Night and the Body Resculpt Abdo Gel. I also did dry brushing about 3 times a week, exfoliation every other day and massage moves with that yokey boby brush with rubber bumps on it that you can find in the Body Shop (i know, I’m great at descriptions).

So, what are the results  you will ask?

Well my lovelies, other then a nice smooth feeling of the skin, nothing major. Yes the skin feels firmer, softer and moisturised, but other then that nothing really. The bumps and holes are still there, in all their splendor (charming, isn’t it).

The textures are ok, the day treatment is a fast absorbing orange gel which will give you a slight tingle (contains menthol). The night one,it is a green milk with a texture that permits a light massage. Also it has a slight peppermint smell and tingle effect, nothing major or uncomfortable. The abdomen gel its very light too and fast absorbing.

The promises on the bottles are very re-assuring, it says that it will improve the aspect of incrusted cellulite (a deep set one), by smoothing the appearance of it and help refine the body contours. The abdo gel says that it will have a “corset” action, by tightening everything  and restore the flat abdomen effect. Yeah right…

My honest advice is not to waste your money on this range. After one month of daily use, i haven’t seen any improvement in the appearance of my skin, other then a nice feeling when i touch it (which i get from any body moisturiser with firming effect). You might say that i need to use it for another month, to give the product time to work. Well, if in one month i didn’t see any result on how my cellulite looked or by using the measuring tape…i don’t want to waste more money on it. And for the record, i didn’t eat chips and used the cellulite cream for slimming :)!

The quest continues.

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