Sensitive eyes?Contact lenses?La Roche Posay has found the answer

This week, La Roche Posay are introducing new and exciting mascaras to the market, designed for the most sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers. Be ready to meet the new gentle Respectissime Mascara, available in four types to suit every need.

I knew about the makeup range from La Roche Posay and Vichy, long before it hit the Irish market. In France and the vest European countries (Poland, Romania etc) you can find a variety of products that are not available in Ireland. One major example is the Dercos anti-hair-loss range from Vichy which is simply brilliant. Due to the high cost of medical tests, approvals and licenses in Ireland, this products will not be available here for a long time. Such a shame.

Anyway as usual i digress.

Respectissime is available in four types: Volumizing Mascara with activating serum, Extension, Volumizing Waterproof and Defining.

What makes this new range of mascaras so special? Well i will elaborate:

“Respectissime Densifying Mascarais a densifying and volumising mascara that contains a powerful concentrate of stimulating active ingredients stemming from research into hair-loss prevention. It provides instant and spectacular volume to lashes. It contains ceramides to coat lashes with intense colour and volume and has an innovative curved brush for lash-shaping volume. Respectissime Densifying Mascara strengthens, replenishes and prolongs lash structure. Lashes are visibly thickened and fortified in 2 weeks.” (La Roche Posay press release)

Clinical ResultsAfter 4 weeks of use 91% of women agreed their lashes were strengthened. After 8 weeks of use, 69% of women felt they had more lashes.                           

Active Ingredients

Reconstituted Lachrymal Liquid – An exact replica of the eye’s natural fluid, it guarantees perfect affinity with sensitive eyes for optimal ocular comfort.

Madecassoside– Anti-hairloss molecule with anti-inflammatory and skin repairing properties that protects the lashes from damage brought on by stress and free radicals.

Arginine– An anti-hairloss amino acid found in Keratin (main component of hair & lashes) that enhances nutrient supply and eyelash growth.

Vitamin B5– A widely recognised ingredient in anti-hairloss treatments, strengthens eyelashes for maximum growth potential.

Also they have are very strict formulated: they are very well tolerated (ophthalmological tests), paraben free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic brush and tested for sensitivity and contact lenses.

I personally have tested all of them and I’m in love. The brushes are great and they deliver volume and length. Initially i thought that the formula its a bit “wet” as it smudge on my brow but I’m sure in a week or so it will thicken.

Here are some more photos:


The waterproof one has almost the same wand like the Lancome Hypnose Drama. I said almost, as it doesn’t have the hour glass shape and curve, keeping just the size and alignment of bristles.

All of them retail at 17.00 euro and are available only in chemists.

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  1. Xenia de la Torre
    January 30, 2015 / 10:43 pm

    Which one is the most dramatic and buildable? Thanks.
    By the way your blogs are FAB. I love them.

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