My favorite sun creams

When I’m away on holiday, I’m the type of person who organizes the luggage and everything a month in advance and has a bullet point list for everything. Yes, Im a real Monica from Friends if you like, especially if i had one or two coffees on board (notebook and all).

I am away for two weeks in Turkey (well now im in the second week, only three days left of sun) so you can imagine the amount of stuff that i had to bring with me. The clothes weren’t an issue, but the skincare and makeup was. I think i spent more time deciding on what shades of lip gloss to bring then on how many t-shirts i needed. Anyway, that’s way i am a beauty junkie.

The sun lotions presented a problem when packing: they were about 12 of them. Yes, yes i know their a lot…but two weeks for the two of us…reapplying every two hours, i did the math and came up with 12. You should have seen the face of my boyfriend, poor fella lol.

This is just a glimpse of them and some of my favorites. Most of them are already gone, my math skills were pretty accurate :).

I got some La Roche Posay Anthelios 50+ waterproof spray for himself and use it mainly on his back and shoulders. It provides a great protection and he didn’t get burnt at all. The only inconvenient was that the sprays didn’t work. I got two bottles and none of them worked, so we just used it as a normal lotion.

A very luxurious sun cream was the Lancome Genifique spf 30, it was a pleasure to apply. It is unscented, has a lovely texture of whipped cream and sinks in straight away. It didn’t leave any white marks once applied, but when you get out of the water you can notice it slightly. I got the matching face one too, but with spf 50. What i loved about it was that its a very light cream, doesn’t leave shiny residue and it doesn’t make my eyes itchy or watery. Lovely stuff altogether.

Another great one was the Vichy Capital Soleil spf 30 with firming properties. Has a lovely shimmery shine that is most flattering, nothing overpowering, very subtle. Also it was very hydrating and left the skin “bouncy” (couldn’t think of a better word). I have tried the face version too, but because of the shimmery parts i looked like Edward Cullen, not a good look for anybody.

The spray form is nice too, just is not scented and no glowing particles. Its handy when you are on the beach, between swims.

Even if I’m naturally sallow skinned, i try not to get bellow spf 25 and use always spf 50 on my face. Even with that, i have a great color and it proves that if you use a high factor you can tan.

On the rant side, i have noticed a few peculiar behaviors on the beach these days. Some ladies were lathering themselves in baby oil and beer. Yes as in Efes, Heineken you name it…beer! Maybe they were trying to make a roast or something.

Oh almost forgot about the Vichy 50+ stick, i believe its a great product to take away with you. I use it on my lips, nose, moles, you name it. At first i thougth that it will leave white stuff everywhere and i will look like i have chicken pocks, but no. It is invisible on the skin, you can notice it only on the lips.

Fill me in on your favorites :).

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  1. Jemima
    August 1, 2010 / 3:46 pm

    I’m loving your website 😀 Only one thing though – didn’t you find Vichy 50+ a bit greasy ? I bought it (a long time ago, so they may have changed it) and it was a bit too greasy for me… Anyway as I said I’M loving this website !!! Oh and by the way I TOTALLY sympathise with you for the whole living in another country can’t get the right product thing. I don’t live in the UK and it can be very hard. xxx

  2. andreea
    August 2, 2010 / 9:36 am

    Hi Jemima, thanks a mill you are very sweet :).
    I do find the 50+ cream (face) a bit oily, thats why i always try to use the fluid form. This summer i am converted to the Lancome one, its just brilliant…no oily film, sinks in like a dream.
    xo xo xo

  3. Jemima
    August 3, 2010 / 10:00 am

    You’re welcome ! Right, I’ll try Lancome. xxx

  4. muneeba
    September 5, 2010 / 6:27 am

    i have normal skin what kind of sunscreen i’ll use

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