After Sun Care: Moisturise and preserve your tan

Here they are, ready for the line up my after sun “must” products. I have been using the same products more or less for the last 4 years (new bottles :P) and for me they have become holiday staples.

For the face, nothing hydrates my skin better then Vichy Hydrating Mask with sea algae and thermal water. It has the consistency of a light cream, it is scented and should be left on about 20 min. I generally slap it on after shower and leave it until its completely absorbed. This is the type of mask that sinks in the dehydrated parts of your skin and vanishes. So basically it detects where dehydration is and acts locally. Genius! To remove it, i just spray thermal water (Vichy, Evian whatever i have) and clean it with cotton pads.

I have only bad thing to say about it, though: sometimes it stings a bit. I have noticed this and at first i thought its only me, but other friends of mine experienced this as well. Its nothing to worry about, i mean no irritation or redness…just a slightly stingy feeling that disappears after a minute or so.

Shiseido After Sun Lotion comes next, to hydrate and preserve my tan. I’m not the type who enjoys to use body lotions, i always find it quite a chore. I love the texture of this: looks like a lotion, acts like a gel. When applied it sinks instantly in, without leaving any greasiness. Feels almost like water on the skin, if that makes any sense. Also it comes in a 400ml pump, very handy for the whole family.

A product that i love, but can`t use in Ireland because I’m always cold is Clarins Leg Energizing Emulsion. I truly believe this is the business for tired limbs. When its hot outside and your legs feel tired and swollen, this lotion restores them to normality. It needs to be applied up to your knees, preferably with continuous massage moves (towards the heart), then try to put your feet up for a while and enjoy the menthol coolness. Its terrific, it actually gives me goose bumps!

A new addition to the body care this year was the Lancome L`Absolue Body Cream. I received a jar of it last Christmas and never used it, waiting for a holiday or an “event” to justify it. I know its silly. This body cream is “la creme de la creme” if you want, a luxurious treatment for your body. L`Absolue is designed to firm and smooth, targeted for mature skin but used by the likes of Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. Of course i wanted it!

The jar is very luxurious, made from solid glass with a gold lid. Texture wise, has the consistency of whipped cream. Once applied, a little goes a long way, it replenishes instantly and leaves room for a light massage.

Now to be honest with you, i found it to be very good. This cream gives such a feeling of luxury and opulence, moisturising the body perfectly. The only down side was that I wasn’t to keen on the scent and of course, the price tag of about 140 euro. Yes, very very pricey for a body cream.

As for the hair care, i kept is simple by using a gentle shampoo for daily usage (Loreal), while deep conditioning it with Yes to carrots hair mask. I used to leave the mask on for an hour or even more, while i was reading on the terrace. This mask was a novelty for me, but i was pleasantly surprised. It is full of natural ingredients good for the hair and what i loved most about it, my hair didn’t end up flat or dull after it.

For my ends, i reached for my loyal Loreal oil for colored or treated hair. Keeps my ends shiny and moisturised.

Pfiuu…such a long post, hope it was helpfull!

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