Sleek Divine Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Almost a year ago i have been introduced to Sleek Makeup by my friend Jackie, who’s makeup it’s always perfect and put together. One day I had to ask her what eyeshadow is she wearing – it was a lovely bronze shade, expecting to be the latest posh brand or something.

Sleek, she said. I got it in Superdrug in UK, for a couple of pounds. And its a palette too.

Hmm…interesting. Must get this Sleek!

After desperately scouting the North-West of Ireland it was nowhere to be found. Nobody ever heard of it, nobody seen it. Just peachy!

Long story short, we found it online on a website from UK who delivered in Ireland ( and ordered two of the paletts – The Original and Storm.

As i mentioned, i have them for over a year so I’m happy to hit pan with two of the shades: the bronze that made me pursue my quest and a metallic burgundy. They are my everyday staples for work, use them as bases and team them with other single eye shadows. All the other shades are very pretty as well, but me being so lazy in the morning i just stick to my routine.


  • great pigmentation
  • wide choice of colors
  • mineral content
  • price!


  • they crease. An eyeshadow primer must be used with these, or their gone in two hours. I use Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow in Love that Gold. I only use it with Sleek, for other eyeshadows i use Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • being mineral makes them very dusty. Although they look like compacts, when you use them they become dust/pigment texture.
  • fall-out is to be expected, due to texture.

To get maximum results, i perfected my special routine:

Prepare the eyelid with Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow in Love that Gold, it is a very light cream-bronze that doesn’t interfere with other colors. Being waterproof, means the eyeshadow wont budge.

Apply the eyeshadow color as base, using a flat brush. Don’t sweep, use gentle tapping gestures or you’ll have it everywhere. Sometimes i do the eyes first and the foundation after, makes it less messy. In the palette there is a sponge applicator which i find rubbish, the texture of the shadows makes it useless (for me at least).

Use a single eyeshadow for the crease, using a blending brush (head slightly round).

Thats it, you’re good to go.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sleek or Malik stores, products were bought with my own money. I was sent recently a Gosh Eyeshadow as PR sample, but i have been purchasing-using it long before that. This was my honest opinion as always.

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