Reader request: Rosacea advice

A week ago i got a comment left by Ann Marie, asking for skincare advice. I do apologies Ann, sorry for replying so late!

This is what Ann said:

“Hi my skin is in a dreadful state hormones!!!! even though I’m 37 will it ever end? in general my skin is good but i do have red blotchy areas known as acne rosacea is there a moisturiser that will help any help would be appreciated.”

To be honest, the main question that comes to my mind now is what skincare you are using and if you have tried any treatment for rosacea before.

Rosacea is a difficult condition to treat, it can make a person self conscious as it consists in little red broken capillaries that need to be covered and also it manifests itself through skin sensitivity, sensation of hot or even burning.

There are a few guide lines in dealing with the condition:

  • don’t use harsh face exfoliants and if you can avoid it, don’t exfoliate at all. The actual rubbing of the skin makes rosacea look worse and it can aggravate it. If you need to exfoliate, i would recommend an exfoliating lotion like the new Clarins one – Clarins Gentle Exfoliator. It can be used every day instead of a toner.
  • don’t use face wipes or anything with alcohol content. I know they are handy after a long day, but in the long term they will sensitives the skin even more.
  • use a high sun screen everyday. Sun aggravates rosacea by breaking the collagen fibres in the skin. Even if its cloudy use at least a 30 SPF, also if you are out walking/doing sports protect your skin from wind and cold with moisturiser and foundation, they will act as a barrier against environment.
  • when choosing a suitable skincare i would look for dermo cosmetics: La Roche Posay, Avene, Bioderma, Uriage. They all have a product range suitable for rosacea. The one that I’ve worked with is Rosaliac from La Roche Posay, it has a green pigment inside to conceal, thermal water to soothe and helps to decrease the redness in time. Also great is the Toleriane range, swear by the moisturiser and cleanser calms the skin instantly!

My last advice is to be armed with loads of patience and try to avoid stress. I know…even I’m rolling my eyes when I’m hearing this one, but nevertheless is true. If everything else fails, a good thing would be to invest in a laser treatment.

Hope it helped!

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  1. November 8, 2010 / 10:20 pm

    Hi Andreea,

    Great post. I don’t have rosacea, but it goos to know about products that help with redness, which I do have from time to time, when my eczema flares up.

    I’ve never heard of Uriage before. Most go and do a bit of googling, as I love Dermo Cosmetic brands.

  2. andreea
    November 8, 2010 / 10:39 pm

    Hi Alethea,

    Uriage is a french dermo cosmetic brand, in the lines of Vichy and La Roche Posay, maybe just a tad cheeper. It also has thermal spa water and it is suitable for sensitive skin, i remember when i used to work with the products loved the green range for oily combination. Dont know where to find it though, its kinda hard to find.

  3. July 23, 2011 / 9:37 am

    Products which contain soothing ingredients such as oatmilk, rose or lavender are really good on rosacea too!


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