Gosh Natural Touch Foundation Review

While sitting with my cuppa in front of my laptop, was thinking about my review of Gosh Natural Touch Foundation. Do i like it? Do i hate it? Would i recommend it to my best friends or to my worst enemy?

I’ve been reaching for this foundation every day, without fail for the last month and yes, i think i like it. I think…Well I’m in doubt simply because i definitely had to work a bit around it, until i found the perfect combo for flawless skin. The pro’s of this foundation are really good, hence me using it every day, but the con’s definitely make me think twice about repurchasing it.


Gosh Natural Touch Foundation


An amazing light foundation that gives the skin an even and perfect look. So soft and effective with its lightweight texture, it is almost invisible on the skin but still gives a natural and flawless look.

Contains mineral pigments to unify skin tone and give a natural, perfect look; organic sweet almond oil to moisturize and nourish skin, vitamin A+E against free radicals and SPF 8.


I got the shade 40 (Nude) which has a slight pink undertone. It seems to be working well on my complexion, even if im more yellow/ warm toned rather then pink/cool toned.

All i need is two pumps on the back of my hand to do my whole face and neck. I’ve applied it both with my fingers and with a foundation brush (synthetic hair) and must say the best result is the one with the brush. It also seems that less product is used when i apply it with the foundation brush.

The Good

The result is amazing, like it says on the packaging: flawless, natural skin with even skin tone and texture. The foundation just melts into my skin and looks like I’ve been naturally blessed with good complexion. The finish is dewy, not shiny at all and the coverage medium to buildable, without looking cakey.

Comes in a handy light tube with a pump, easy to travel with and contains 30ml of foundation. Also, it didn’t brake me out or caused any irritation, if anything my skin looks better then ever (knock on wood).

The Bad

It is not a long lasting foundation. I’m not sure if it is my oily/combo skin, but this foundation almost disappears from my face after a couple of hours if i don’t set it with powder. In the first few days of use, i only used a translucent powder to set it (not a matyfing one) and when i got a glimpse of my face at the end of the day i was so embarrassed. The foundation was gathered in the lines of my neck and it looked like i was dirty! Also my face was like a grease ball. Yep, not a good look at all.

I know it was my skin too, im oily and im using a dry skin type foundation. In a way i brought this upon myself lol.

This inconvenient remediated as soon as i started using the foundation with the La Roche Posay Toleriane Mineral Powder (shade 11 Beige Claire). I gently dust it over with a powder brush (find the sponge use to cakey) and voila perfect long lasting skin! The powder adds a bit of extra coverage and keeps the shine at bay, while providing a good high SPF 25.

On this note, I’ve been asked how to top up on the SPF on a daily basis if you are wearing makeup. While you still have to apply a good moisturizer with a decent SPF and it would be good if your foundation would have one too, it’s great if you get a compact powder with a high SPF. In this way, every time you powder your face you top up your SPF as well. Easy peasy.


You can notice that it doesn’t match my skin tone perfectly, but i like my foundation half a tone darker. Topped up with powder, bronzer and blush it looks very natural.

Would i recomend it?

Of course! It is a fantastic budget foundation that it will make you look natural and radiant. If your skin is on the dry side, it will work even better for you as it is very moisturising (almond oil content). If you are oily like me, you can still make it work by using a matyfing powder on the t-zone.


What foundation have you been using lately?


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