Barcelona Haul

Initially i went to Barcelona under the impression that all the spanish brands like Zara, Mango, Bershka and Pull and Bear will be a lot cheaper then in Ireland. Well, they are not. The prices were exactly the same and they had, of course, the same windows and stock. I would rather support the irish economy, thank you very much.

Also, the spanish duty free was incredibly expensive. I mean, thank god i know my prices because their cosmetics were only 2-3 euro cheaper then in our department stores.

With that said, i loved their pharmacies: they had everything. Bioderma, Avene, Vichy and La Roche Posay with loads of new products like hair care and body care which is not available here, A-Derma, Uriage, Phyto, Klorane…pff i was in dermatocosmetic heaven!

Probably you will laugh, but i mainly bought cellulite creams. Maybe it was the sun, the heat and all those bikinis floating around i just couldn’t help it. Cellulite creams are my biggest weakness, its like nail polish for some girls. I just have to have any single brand and product under the sun that promises to smooth, slim and tone those humps and bumps. All would be good and well if i would use them though. Many of my creams are still in the original packaging, untouched on a shelf. I know, such a weirdo huh? Well all its changed, i assure you! Plenty of reviews coming.

From Left to Right: Vichy Cellu Destock duo pack (38 euro), Roc Reductor Intensiv duo pack (38 euro) and Somatoline Intensive Slimming Treatment for night time (53 euro for 450ml tub)

Their chemists were full of these little packs against cellulite. Just couldn’t resist! Vichy and Roc were on promotion, so i got two creams in one pack for 38 euro (usually 25 euro for one).

If you would like me to post some reviews of them let me know, haven’t started to use them yet as im working my way through Nuxe Anti-Cellulite oil and Vichy Lipocure (discontinued, got it on a sale).

Beside creams, i stocked up on essentially lingerie from Women’s Secret my favorite underwear/pyjama store in the world. Well, i adore Etam as well but that’s another story.

There are a few bits from Top Shop there (floral bikinis) and the slippers were from Etam. Love everything i got, morning are more fun now haha.

Thankfully i discovered that Women’s Secret ships to Ireland as well, so i don’t have to wait to go away on holiday to make my purchases.


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