One week until the holiday!

Just one week left until my holiday, such a great feeling! I’m literally crossing the days off until we will be off to Egypt for loads of sun, sea and fun.

So sorry for not posting in a while and slipping a bit with my blogging, but life got a bit in the way of my blogging. No bad news, just being a busy bee and procrastinating with writing. Have loads of ideas and new stuff to share with you, so fear not ill be back in the swing of things in no time.

I’m so excited about my holiday, got some very cute stuff in the sales that i cant wait to wear. Luckily the weather was rather spectacular here in Dublin, so i could wear pretty summery clothes.

For the last few weeks i was prepping myself to show off so skin, eat a bit more healthy and exercised more, used some of my cellulite creams and brushed away my body every day.

I got some of the CLA 24/7 tablets to boost my weight loss, i reach for them when i want to tone up a bit. I have been using them on and off for the last few years and from my experience i can totally say that they are great for toning and help to see faster changes in your body when you work out.

The Somatoline night gel is amazing as well, picked it last year from Barcelona and only cracked it open last month. It helps to drain the fluid from the tissues and makes your appearance to look leaner and flatter (tummy area in particular). In the morning time i use the Keraskin gel, gratefully received from ArtDonatella last year. Like everything else, if you stick to your routine and are a bit sensible with the diet you will see the desired results.

I only need some new books for my Kindle and im ready to go, can you suggest some titles for me? xo


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