James Brown Wave Spray vs Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

James Brown Sea Spray vs Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I always liked the idea of soft waves, tousled hair and matte textures you know…the ‘i just wake up and this is how it looks’ hair. Surprisingly enough, usually this type of do, necessitates more work and products than a poker straight style.

To obtain my mermaid hair, i firstly invested in some sea sprays to add that desired texture and hold to my hair. Secondly, i invested in a medium curling wand from Babyliss – the Soft Waves one, as i found the Conical version was giving me way to skinny defined curls.  Although i have fine hair, ive got lots of it so was taking ages to curl up my entire mop.

Firstly, I got the James Brown Photo Fabulous Wave Spray  (€9.99) on an impulse buy, as it was casually hanging around the till in Boots. For best results, its meant to be sprayed on towel dry hair and then blow dried using scrunching movements.

The Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray investment (€25) came after being bombarded with reviews on all my favorite blogs. So in the spirit of ‘monkey sees, monkey does’ i swiftly ordered one from lookfantastic.com. The instructions are very identical, spray on damp hair and diffuse blow dry.

How do they compare?

Diffuser wise/spray nosel, the Surf Spray wins – its more of a fine mist rather than a strong spray of product. As i mentioned, i have fine hair so i prefer something buildable. With the Wave Spray i had to be very careful and somehow half spray, because i was left with a soaked strand of hair stucked to my head.

Which brings me to texture: because the Wave Spray is releasing a strong jet of product, the finish was crispy dry and strong as opposite to the Surf’s matte, workable texture.

Both delivered voluminous, big hair that lasted ages.

Price wise, €9.99 vs €25 the Wave Spray wins by a mile and makes it an affordable seasonal treat.

That said, for me the Surf Spray is a winner: it worked brilliant with my fine texture, didn’t over dried my hair and provided a voluminous long lasting hold. The only drawback is of course the price, a bit too expensive for some salty water.

For somebody with thicker, fuller hair the James Brown would be a great choice as it provides a strong hold and long lasting curls.

Have you tried any of the two before?

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