A Home Spring Refresh with Primark

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Every season i get the itch of redecorating and refreshing our apartment, i think when you spend so much time at home is necessary to create an environment you would love. Penneys (or Primark) has been exceptionally good in the last two years when it comes to home accessories, they are nailing the shabby chic, hipster trend at a very low cost. If you are looking for cute signs, pictures, hearts, candles or trendy jam jars – Penneys is the place.

Cushions are a fast way to update a living room or bedroom, i choose the black stripes and white and yellow – their slogans are so on point! For only €6 you get the cushion and the cover, which is a bargain in my book. The grey and cream vintage looking covers are from H&M home, i got them last year from Bucharest (they are about €4 for just the covers). If only they would open a concession in Dublin too.

The mug was a steal for €2 and i love everything about it. I have another one from Christmas with ‘Home Sweet Home’, the sizes are great for a relaxing cup of tea. Which brings me to my last obsession – Tesco Finest Chai. Its soooo delicious! Since I’ve quit drinking coffee (3 months and counting woop!woop!), I’ve became an avid tea drinker. I love mine strong, with a touch of unsweetened almond milk. Trust me, you will love it.

As for the Love fairy lights sign, no respectable bedroom should be without one! Only €6, i can see this one sell out pretty fast so check your local Penneys for yours.

I will be back for some summer sheets, im getting more and more in love with yellow and also there is a flamingo cushion that got away :).

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  1. March 17, 2015 / 6:25 pm

    I love the Penneys cushions they’re so pretty xx

    • Andreea
      March 18, 2015 / 5:57 pm

      And comfy!

  2. March 17, 2015 / 6:27 pm

    Some great bargains there! Hard to beat Penneys! xx

    • Andreea
      March 18, 2015 / 5:58 pm

      Love them!

  3. March 17, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    I love pillows! Those are so cute. And that mug is adorable too. I have a serious mug buying problem

    • Andreea
      March 18, 2015 / 5:57 pm

      Im there with you, so much that my favorite holiday souvenir is a new mug :).

  4. March 18, 2015 / 8:32 am

    Great post and very timely for me as we’re in the process of moving so I’m getting a bit obsessed with homeware!

    • Andreea
      March 18, 2015 / 9:49 am

      Ooh exciting Emma! Good luck with the move! x

  5. March 18, 2015 / 5:48 pm

    Love everything you picked! Penneys is so good for home stuff.

    • Andreea
      March 18, 2015 / 5:56 pm

      Im impatiently waiting for payday to get more, im craving colored bed sheets next :).

  6. March 18, 2015 / 8:55 pm

    What great pieces!! I also have the stripey cake cushion but have to make my way to primark for some more 🙂 great post x

    • Andreea
      March 18, 2015 / 10:24 pm

      Yes, same myself need more! Have you just seen the picnic stuff?! x

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