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As a beauty blogger i am fortunate to receive product samples to try on and review on my blog, share my likes and dislikes with the lovely readers that visit my site.  Think of me as a guinea pig, testing all the new launches for you all and voicing my opinions in my little corner of the internet. I have been playing with a few products in the last month or so, some are new launches and some are just new to me. Some i loved, others not so much.

Ziaja Face Masks Collection *

Ziaja Face Mask Review Pronounced Ji-Ya, Ziaja is the creation of two Polish pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja. Extremely affordable and with a huge range offering covering head to toe beauty, the products blend natural ingredients with scientific elements in order to ensure hypoallergenic, ph balanced, efficient products.

This was my first encounter with the brand and i am seriously impressed – the Ziaja Face Masks are some of the best i have ever tried. Designed for different skin concerns – anti-age, dryness, sensitivity – the masks come in generous sachets that cost only €0.69. I loved using every single one, although my absolute favorite has been the Olive Leaf Regenerating Mask. It left my skin soft, nourished and bright, i wish i could bath in it! You can check them out here.

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Haircare

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Review I was instantly attracted to the Loreal Extraordinary Clay packaging when i was shopping in Dunnes, gorgeous bright turquoise that instantly puts you in good mood. This is the lately offering from L’Oreal haircare, it is meant for hair that is oily at the roots and dry at the ends. Which basically describes the mane of most people. Because i’m coloring my hair, when i get natural roots grown i have this exact problem: my ends are still dry and frizzy, yet my roots are oily and limp.

The range consists of a pre-wash mask – you just apply it on the wet hair before you wash and condition, to absorb the oils, a shampoo and conditioner and a dry shampoo. Because it was half price i bought the whole range, excited that this is the answer of all my prayers. Well, the excitement vanished pretty quickly. The pre wash mask dried out my scalp and made it itchy and the shampoo and conditioner left my highlighted hair all tangled and dry. I have friends who loved it, but i suspect is not the best choice for girls who color or highlight their hair. For me it didnt work at all.

Bellamianta Self Tan Lotion *

Bellamiata Tan Review Irish owned and created, Bellamianta Self Tan Lotion intrigued with the ‘nutritious’ skin benefits that it claims to provide the skin with. Apparently Bellamianta tanning products contain one of the highest, premium grade DHA’s alongside natural fruit extracts such as Mango, Papaya and Goji Berry which work with the skins natural melanin to provide a golden tone. These beneficial extracts, combined with our unique combination of Bergamot, Sea buck thorn, Vitamin E offer many additional skin benefits including firming, toning, anti-aging, healing. They are enriched with natural oils which are filled with omega 3, 6 and 9. So basically the more you use the tan, the better your skin looks and feels.

This is a lovely tan and i have been using it religiously for the last four weeks: it dries super quickly, it doesn’t smell, the tint allows you to see what you are doing and the resulting color is a lovely olive hue. The most outstanding Bellamianta product is the application mitt – a luxurious double sided velvet glove, perfectly sealed on the inside to avoid staining incidents. This is the best tanning mitt i have ever tried! Its a pleasure to use, gently buffing the tan into the skin without any streaks, providing a perfect application. Even you are using other tans, i would recommend you trying their mitt. Its life changing! You can check them out here.

Clarins Men Skincare *

New Clarins Men Skincare My husband always complains he doesn’t get any perks of having a blogger wife, so he was delighted to try out the newly repackaged Clarins Men Skincare range. Made with special formulas created for the men’s thicker, oilier and sensitive skin, the new Clarins Men products are lightweight, invisible and efficient. Men seem to always be afraid that it will show that they are moisturising and looking after themselves, they want to pretend they don’t need anything at all to look and feel good.

He declared himself impressed and is using both of the moisturisers daily – the Super Moisture Gel in the morning for a fresh base under his SPF (i taught him well!) and the Line Control Cream at night, for an anti age effect. The only problem now is that i will have to keep his supply going :).

Milk Shake Hair Minis – The Incredible Milk and Integrity Hair Range *

New Milkshake Haircare Travelsize These are some hair products i loved trying! The Milk_Shake Hair Products are sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free which make them perfect for colored hair and sensitive scalps. My hair is so used to silicones and heavier textures that i was afraid it wont work out with a natural approach.

I received the Integrity shampoo and conditioner minis with organic muru muru butter to review, which are the travel size versions of the original range. After a couple of uses to make up my mind, I was left with a super shiny, bouncy, hydrated hair. If you would try one product, i would go for the Incredible Milk leave in spray. Its not only deliciously fragranced, it also hydrates, tames away frizz and acts as a heat protectant. You can check out the range here.

*PR Samples.

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    I really enjoy Ziaja face masks lately. Hope you will like them as well

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