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Irish Beauty Blogger Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12% Review You know when you get so bored of your current makeup routine, nothing works anymore and everything makes you feel and look blah? That’s the perfect time when you switch it all up and rehaul it all. Yep, i digged out all my new products that were waiting to be reviewed and used, but because i wanted to finish off my old stuff never seen the light of day. Am i the only one who HAS to finish off something first so they can use a new product? As it happens it takes me absolute ages to finish off anything, being a product or just life tasks, so i felt adventurous and changed it all up. Rock’n’roll life et all.

Firstly, i have two great base products sent over from that rocked my world. is a UK based site that homes a plenitude of niche, skincare and supplements products that just work – Fountain Molecule Supplements, NIOD, Hylamide, Hand Chemistry just to name a few. The ordering/returning system shows how confident they are, if you use a product and you don’t like you can return it and get your money back. I for one haven’t encountered this type of customer service online before.

I asked if i can sample the NIOD Photography Fluid 12% after reading about it on Laura’s blog and developing a major lust. I mean a makeup product that acts like a real life Instagram filter? Im sold!

It comes in a glass bottle with a useless pipette that doesn’t really suck any product up, but packaging fail aside i think its a good addition of your makeup routine. Its a light weight, yellow gold highlighting fluid that just envelopes your whole face with a warm glow. I apply it on top of the Hylamide Primer (another winner) and just underneath my BB Cream. It creates a gorgeous healthy glow, nothing too shimmery or shiny just a lit from within, look at me im a gorgeous skin goddess. Every single time i wore it on Snapchat, somebody commented on how good my skin looks.

The Hylamide primer is another winner like i said, its a imperfection blurring primer that hydrates as well as filling in with its silicone goodness any single imperfection. It reminds me of the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfector, but with a better texture – a blendable thick gel/cream in a generous sized tube. The primer manages to keep on my makeup and make me look smoother than i really am.

Having the base nailed down, i layer a good blob of the Bioderma Sensibio SPF 30 BB Cream. I love that its a simple, no fuss BB that has a great SPF and a good color match for my pale skin. Color choice it sucks – i have the Light/Medium version so i only assume there is just a Fair in the collection. It provides a light to medium coverage, buildable to fuller if i pop over some mineral powder. I love that i don’t need any tools for application, just using my finger tips is enough for an evened out finish.

Mac Nine Eyeshadows Palette For my eyes i had an impulse buy and got yet another eye shadow palette – the Mac 9 x Eye shadow in Amber Times. Ok, there were two impulse buys because i got Burgundy Times too. The quality is exactly like the single Mac eye shadows and the color selection is great, the only thing is that they are just tiny. I should’ve known that the price is too good. Anyway, i have no regrets because this way ive discovered some great shades that i didn’t even knew that i needed in my collection so all its well.

Because im a eyeliner addict, i was dying to get to try the new Lancome Grandiose. I must say that it is the easiest liquid liner i got to use to date! Its not waterproof, yet it doesn’t smudge and creates the sharpest lines that i ever got to do. I went for a dark brown shade instead of the usual black as im trying to soften my makeup look a bit.

For my lips, the Kiehls Lip Balm has been my best friend in keeping my lips plump and moisturized and the YSL Lip Stain added just that perfect dash of baby pink. Im all about soft, young hues like i said.

Have you tried anything new lately? Im definitely going to pop open all my new stuff from now on and get slap them all over my face, no more waiting around and being sensible :).



  1. August 4, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    So many people rave about Deciem products but I have to try anything from them – they sound fab! I have Burgundy Times Nine and love the look of the Amber palette – I don’t mind that the pans are small because it’s rare that I finish an eyeshadow anyway! xx

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