Crystal Clear Oxygen Facial with 4th Avenue Salon Ballsbridge Review

crystal-clear-oxygen-facial-with-4th-avenue-ballsbridge-salon You might be surprised to hear that i have never had a facial before. Like ever! I always thought that if im doing my research, i use good cosmetics and i am diligent with my routine, i just don’t need that one hour appointment with a facialist. Boy was i wrong!

I was invited to try a Crystal Clear Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facial with 4th Avenue Salon in Ballsbridge, an hour long treatment that buffs the skin, polishes and gets rid of signs of aging, fatigue and pigmentation.

Firstly, what is Dermabrasion, you might ask?

Dermabrasion is the removal of superficial layers of skin with rapidly revolving abrasive tool – in this case Crystal Clear crystals. It is a non invasive, painless procedure that can be done in a professional beauty salon or by a dermatologist (there are microdermabrasion scrubs available to buy, but without the machine you wont get the same results). The effects are truly remarkable after a few courses of treatments (one course could mean up to five visits) – acne scars are polished off, fine lines and wrinkles minimised, pigmentation broken down.

What about an Oxygen Facial, surely we get one every time we take a breath of air.

Blowing air at your face wont do anything to the quality of your skin, you might just get a nice cooling sensation but that’s about it. Blowing a stream of oxygen trough a high tech fancy machine in conjunction with a specific skincare line (like Crystal Clear Cosmetics) that has a low molecular weight you manage to get those key ingredients pushed to deeper skin layers. The infusion of oxygen will promote and encourage healthy cell growth, collagen production and help rejuvenate the skin. Apparently all the Hollywood stars have one done before a big event.

The Oxygen Facials are brilliant before a big event, a wedding or the Oscars as the results are very visible – think plum, firm skin and makeup will look incredibly smooth on.

What to expect during a Crystal Clear Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facial in 4th Avenue


After an initial consultation with my therapist Aoife, asking about my skin concerns, what products im using and just a couple of after care advice, i made myself comfortable under the duvet and started the treatment with a  double cleanse to remove my full face of makeup.

The Crystal Clear Dermabrasion followed – i was advised to expect a light scratching feeling due to the crystals that are used to buff the skin. Nothing unpleasant of course, actually i felt more a vacuum that just aspires all the dirt and dead cells. Every single millimeter of the skin was treated, insisting in rougher areas or where i had a touch of pigmentation or congestion. Aoife advises a couple of course treatments in a order to break down pigmentation, acne scarring or to help erase the signs of aging – a course would consist in up to five intensive facials. For maintenance and just light imperfections, a dermabrasion every six weeks would keep the skin in top condition.

After my skin was thoroughly exfoliated and buffed, my skin was ready for the Oxygen Facial. A mixture of Crystal Clear Repair Serum (anti-aging) and Brightening Serum (anti pigmentation) was used in different areas of my face, customized for my own skin needs. The serum was applied in small sections while the Crystal Clear gun was blasting a stream of cold oxygen to help the ingredients go trough, the whole thing was both stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

crystal-clear-oxygen-facial-review You would think the treatment is finished with that, but no a Crystal Clear Mask is applied to cool down the skin, minimize any irritation or inflammation that might occur and just to tighten and lift everything. This was my favorite part of the facial! The Mask is a peel off thick gel, when its dried out it felt like a rubber was lifted from my face. It also felt deliciously cooling and refreshing, i must hunt it down and get one from home use.

crystal-clear-mask-lift While waiting for the mask to dry, Aoife proceeded to give me the most relaxing arm and shoulder massage ever. Her hands are magic! I was fighting so hard not to fall asleep and start drooling all over the place. Seriously after the treatment i was ready to propose.

Straight after my skin looked clear, soft and fresh. My pores were clean and minimized, no redness or irritation and i even felt confident of walking home in daylight with no makeup on. The real results though happened a few days after the facial: each morning i would wake up to brighter, smoother skin. I have this frown wrinkle that really bothers me and after just this one facial it has drastically improved to the point that i can barely notice it.

The aftercare is simple enough: lashings of SPF rain or shine and no exfoliators or acids aloud on the skin for at least seven days. The Dermabrasion is such a thorough exfoliation that you don’t need to use anything else for a while.

Im a facial convert from now on!

*I was a guest of the salon. A Crystal Clear Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facial is
available for €120 in 4th Avenue Salon in Ballsbridge, Dublin. 
You can book online over on

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