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Today i had a spur of the moment inspiration of just sitting down and doing a chatty type of post – not a beauty product review or a DIY hack, just a good old fashion heart to heart. I have been blogging from what it seems forever, seven years to be exact – i published my first blog post in 2010 and never looked back since. I suppose i am what you call an ‘old school blogger’: i’ve been doing it for fun, for the love of photography and for the enjoyment of a close community of women who share the same passion for beauty and frivolous stuff, just like me.

Going trough my archive of posts is like going down on memory lane, i never been a daily poster, striving for quality rather than quantity and i can still pin point the excitement and vividly remember the creative process. Also I love going trough my archive to reminisce about the different times in my life and to witness how much ive changed and grown up as a person.

I love my corner of the internet, i am not in it for the freebies although they are greatly appreciated, i am in the fortunate position of being able to buy what i like. I hate the term ‘honest blogger’ as i feel its just a passive aggressive way of trowing shade towards your blogger piers, so i wont label myself that. I can only say that if i like something, you will hear about it. And here comes the ‘old school blogger’ part of me: im not one for click bait titles, controversial posts for the sake of some extra views.

I have a part time job, had to step down so i can look after Sophia (my 19 month old little girl) so i basically play tag with my husband – generally working weekends and a day during the week so our toddler can spend as much time with us as possible. You would think that when i am at home with her though, i would have plenty of time of creating lots of content for the blog but i just don’t. Between play dates, cleaning, feeding and just plain ol’ keeping Sophia alive, i barely have time for anything. And when i do have the time, im just sitting there brain dead and tired, the last thing of my mind being putting on a full face of makeup and doing a blogpost.

You see, as the blogging evolved into an industry, the feeling of not being good enough is predominant. Who will want to read what i have to say, am i adding any value to my followers time? What do i know anyway, im just an average woman with average looks that is still figuring out this whole motherhood business. I have countless of drafts started and just abandoned, because of these reasons. I am still an avid blog reader and consumer of social media, so comparing myself to all these perfect looking women with amazing lifestyles is exhausting. Yes, at 33 i should know better but this is what the blogging business has become. Its a competition, keeping up with the Joneses type of thing. I might be wrong, but this is just my blogging reality.

However i am still too attached and passionate about writing and photography that i just cant let go. I toyed with the idea a lot, of just packing it all but im just not ready to do it. I LOVE blogging! Its my hobby, my creative outlet of being myself and connecting with other people. Even during my blogging break, there’s still about 26k monthly views so you guys must be liking some of my content.

So not all is lost. Like some of my blogging friends say, im just going to keep my head down and do my own thing. Write like nobody is reading, doing it as a form of therapy and working on improving my photography skills. I am playing with the idea of becoming a part time photographer, i seem to have a knack for kids shots and a general eye for blogging photos. So if you need help just shout, i might be able to help.

Also i have decided as my personal life evolved, the content of my blog will change too. I still love beauty products but i also get ridiculously excited about kids clothes, interiors, DIY, family day outs and just general domestic life hacks. To do a review dedicated to a lipstick is not that appealing anymore, i as a reader im not that interested. So basically what i am saying is that will evolve into a more lifestyle blog – touching on everything from the latest Zara haul, to eyeshadow palettes and just baby updates and i hope that will be ok with you.

Im still working on doing our house a home, so there will be home interior posts and wishlist’s. My biggest love and obsession, is Sophia so she will be predominant and present too, just as my whole family life will be. Im thinking of doing toddler friendly restaurants to eat out type of posts, showing you how ive decorated her room, outfits etc.

I would really appreciate your input, as reader or just fellow bloggers – what would you like to see in the future on my site? Im a bit of Jack of all trades (master of none ha!) so my interests vary and i find myself passionate by lots of things from lipsticks, to clothes or chalk paint. I got myself a new notebook and jotted down things i would love to cover and for once i am saying it out loud, i wont put any unnecessary pressure on myself. If everything fails and my blog will be just read by my husband and mam, i will still have a great way of documenting the different stages of my life. Imagine if this website will still be up and running when Sophia will be able to read and understand, it would be a pretty cool way of knowing her mam.

As always, thank you for reading x.

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  1. August 8, 2017 / 9:21 pm

    I feel the exact same way about beauty blogging. I changed my blog into an all round blog not too long ago. I rebranded with a different name and everything. Granted I don’t blog every week but when I do I enjoy it. I cannot wait to read your lifestyle posts. Your photography is amazing and you would make a great photographer. Your latest pics on Instagram of Sophia are stunning. I wish you the best for the future of Your Beauty. I also love the idea of Your child looking back in a few years reading your blog. So precious. Xx

  2. Andreea
    August 8, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Thank you for commenting Lauren Marie, i am a huge fan of your blog. I may not comment all the time but i certainly am there reading or lurking :). Thank you for the kind words, i decided to write my thoughts down as they came – a dear diary type so i can gasp some perspective. It did me a world of good! xx

  3. August 9, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    Really well written A, think I feel in exactly the same. Because Blogging is now tied to fame and celebrity I think some people have forgotten that a lot of the time it’s just a guy/girl sitting down creating something their passionate about. But love your varied content and especially your photos. Xx siobhan

    • Andreea
      August 10, 2017 / 8:59 am

      Thank you for reading Siobhan, im looking forward to enjoy the whole creative process again x

  4. August 9, 2017 / 6:56 pm

    I loved reading this Andreea! I can totally relate to most of what you said (except the being a mother part obviously) I love varied content and most of all reading something that is written with passion and enthusiasm no matter what it’s about. I know lots of people would be interested in your DIY and mother/child based content as much as clothing and beauty. I’ll be following you regardless because I’ve always loved your blog.

    Emma xx

  5. Andreea
    August 10, 2017 / 9:05 am

    Thank you Emma, im excited to officially be a lifestyle blogger – it involves so much more and i can still cover beauty as much as i want too. Thank you so much for your support and kindness x

  6. August 13, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    I can totally relate to this Andreea, I’m going through a bit of a blogger identity crisis too!! Since having 2 kids My own needs have gone on the back burner never mind the commitment my blog needs and trying to maintain and writing blog posts on just Makeup & Beauty is hard!! and I’m defo feeling like to Get back to my love of blogging again I need to change direction, but then you’re always afraid your followers won’t like that or might not enjoy your content as much…. I suppose you just have to remember that as much as your life is changing and evolving so are your readers lives so they might enjoy the change in direction. At least that’s what I am hoping anyway ? Xxx

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