Latest in Beauty: Skincare against Blue Light and Pollution Damage

blue light protection blue light protection This Autumn’s New Beauty Releases Have Been Concentrated On Protecting The Skin Against The Effects Of Blue Light and Pollution Damage

What is Blue Light you might ask? Blue light is naturally found in daylight and is very beneficial to human health. It helps improving the energy and producing that health boosting vitamin D. However, i am talking today about the artificially made blue light. The light that emanates from LEDs and bulbs, your smart phones, laptops or the TV.

Statistics show that millennials check their smartphones 157 times per day, in comparison to older adults, who check their phones only about 30 times per day. That means millennials are at a much higher risk of blue light exposure each and every day.

It has been proven that artificial exposure to blue light via technology has a negative effect on our health and well being. Deep sleep has seen to be reduced when we are exposed to technology before bed and we are sleeping a lot less hours too. The eyes are affected by prolonged exposure, they can get tired more easily and be more prone to degeneration in later years. “Computer Face” is also a thing – lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue appearing with constant and prolonged exposure to blue light radiation.

We spend at least 6 hours per day front of a screen which adds up to 3 months of the year.

The beauty companies have acted against this new aggressive environmental factor. If we do a round of beauty brands in a department store or pharmacy, everyone seems to have a new release that helps to fight the oxidative stress that gets produced in our cells, which ultimately promotes skin aging.

Here Are My Favorite Skincare Releases Against Blue Light and Pollution

blue light protection

URIAGE AGE PROTECT. Rich in thermal water, the latest Uriage skincare line addition has and exclusive BLB Patent – Blue Light Barrier. Composed of plant extracts, the patent is fighting cellular oxidative stress caused by high exposure to blue light. Seven products have been launched (with prices between €30-€36) to cater for every skin type or need. The products focus on decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lack of tone, pigmentation marks and signs of fatigue.

I would recommend on trying the Age Protect Multi Action Cream SPF 30 (€36). A very good hydrating moisturizer with a high SPF. The Age Protect Eye Contour (€30) is working on dark circles and puffiness, by stimulating the lymphatic circulation. The Age Protect Multi Action Intensive Serum (€36) is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C and E. This means that the skin will increase firmness, plumpness and restore vitality and radiance. Another product that i love from the range is the Age Multi Action Peeling Night Cream (€36). Night after night gives the skin a safe peeling, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots and imperfections.

blue light protection

ACADEMIE STOP POLLUTION MIST (€30). The Academie Mist is an 8% active ingredient charged thermal water that creates an urban shield against household and air pollutants. With a high concentration of thermal spring water (88%), the mist will soothe, moisturize and fix your makeup. It can be sprayed on top or under makeup, as often as needed. I know ill have it always near my laptop to freshen up.

blue light protection

CASMARA URBAN PROTECT DD CREAM (€32). I had the Casmara Daily Defense (this is what DD means) on an every day rotation. It has light tint (mine is 01 Light) that just evens out the skin tone without looking like i have makeup on. The factor 30 is excellent for daily use. The skin looks perfected and soft without shine. On makeup days, i alternate the Casmara DD cream with the Dermalogica SPF 30 primer and just use it underneath my foundation. If you are on the dry skin edge, i would add a moisturizer underneath. Whilst if you are oily-combination like myself, i would chance it on its own on top of a serum. It is also unisex, which means that our partners can enjoy the benefits of a good skin day too!

blue light protection blue light protection

MVMT INGRAM CLEAR COMPUTER GLASSES (€75). Getting blue light protection computer glasses has probably had the most impact when it comes to my well being. I spend far too much time online, starring at a screen. My eyes started getting tired, watering and i found myself squinting. Nothing wrong with my actual eyesight, according to my latest routine eyesight check. I just needed to either spend less time looking at a screen or getting a pair of Computer Glasses. I choose the later, obviously!

MVMT  got in touch and offered me a pair of their fashionable computer lens glasses. I went for the Ingram model with tortoiseshell frame and i haven’t looked back since! They have plenty of beautiful models to choose from, either with clear lenses that you can customize in an optician or with the Computer Lens against blue light like i have. MVMT kindly offered my readers a $15 discount with code YOURBEAUTY15 if you fancy getting a pair yourself.

Shop the Glasses

Some General Blue Light Protection Tips

  1. Limit screen time usage. Easier said than done, specially when it might be part of your job. However, try during your break not to switch one screen for another and just put your phone down.
  2. Don’t stare at a screen an hour before bedtime. The light can interfere with your sleep pattern and quality.
  3. Download blue light filters for your phone or invest in a physical blue light filter.
  4. Get yourself a pair of stylish computer glasses. They will make all the difference.
  5. Get your eyes checked routinely.
  6. Make yourself blink more frequently to prevent dry eyes and use moisturizing eye sprays or drops.
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