Laser Hair Removal with Therapie Clinic Review

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Laser Hair Removal with Therapie Clinic | The Initial Consultation

Getting laser hair removal on my body has been on my to do list since the beginning of the year. If you read my New Year Resolutions post (here) you will see me mentioning wanting to get the treatment done. I was asking around on my Instagram Stories which Clinic to go with and by far, Therapie Clinics were the most recommended. So here i am, starting my laser hair removal journey with them.

Therapie Clinic is the leader in Laser Hair Removal in Ireland. They use only the most advanced technology available, using what’s called “medical-grade laser” which means they can guarantee successful results. A course of six treatments is generally recommended. However you will notice a significant difference after just two or three sessions.

What Is Laser Hair Removal

Lasers emit energy in the form of light; it targets and heats up the hair follicle. Laser light is attracted to and absorbed by melanin, the pigment in the hair. The heat travels down the hair and destroys the root and inter connectors connecting it to the blood supply; preventing the growth of more hair. It only affects the specific structures of the hair and follicle, leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.

The results can be spectacular, some of my friends have been very happy after just 3-4 sessions. The appeal of being hair free and not having to shave every second day for a silky smooth leg is very high.

Why Get a Therapie Clinic Free Consultation

I cant stress enough how important is to get a Free Consultation with one of the therapist before committing to the laser hair removal treatment. That’s the only way to find out if you are actually eligible to get the treatment done. Lasers don’t work well on blonde, red or gray hair. Your skin pigment has to be assessed as well, to see if the treatment will be effective.

Also your medical treatments are very important too, i had to fill in a very detailed questionnaire before i went in to my appointment. For instance, if you are on a course of antibiotics you have to be off them for the same amount of time as you had to take the treatment. Example: you are on for a week on antibiotics, you have to be off them at least another week to get your laser treatment.

Tanning, being natural or from a bottle is also a big no. When you are planning on going on a beach holiday, your tan has to be left to fade for at least 6 weeks. Sometimes even more before you can continue your treatment. You cant have a drop of fake tan lingering on the skin that is treatment, or your therapist will send you home.

There is a very comprehensive FAQ about Laser Hair Removal on the Therapie site here.

What to Expect at the Therapie Clinic Consultation

I am getting a full leg and underarm laser hair removal treatment in the Molesworth Street Clinic. This branch is the handiest so far for me, i am looking forward to see them opening in Dundrum and Henry Street in the future.

For my initial consultation, i was advised to come in with shaved and hairy areas where i want to have the treatment, so both the skin and hair can be assessed. You are meant to shave 24h before your appointment and not to use any body lotions or exfoliants.

I filled in a very detailed form, making notes about medication i am on or what health conditions i have. My therapist then went trough everything with me and gave me a comprehensive list of do’s and can’t do’s. She also went trough the specific aftercare that i have to use after the treatments.

After that, a patch test was made with the laser. You are provided with glasses and stress ball and the areas are quickly zapped. The pain of it is very bearable, feels more like an elastic band being slapped on the skin. Nothing that i cant bare for the opportunity of a smoother future.

Luckily i am a very good candidate for laser hair removal, so i will keep you posted. I will check in again after my third treatment and then after my last. Hopefully with very good results to report!

For booking a consultation or getting a price quote you can inquire here.


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