Laser Hair Removal with Therapie Clinic | The Results

therapie laser hair removal results therapie laser hair removal results

Laser Hair Removal with Therapie Clinics | My Results After Six Treatment Sessions

I started my Laser Hair Removal journey with Therapie in October last year. Here we are almost eight months later and six treatments completed. My sessions have been spaced out every six weeks, only the last one i had to stretch to eight weeks as i had to complete a course of antibiotics for my tooth infection. You cant have the laser hair removal treatment performed for the duration of the course of antibiotics. Also you have to be off them for the same amount of time as you had to take them. So lets say the antibiotics were taken for five days, you have to be anther five days off them until you can have your laser done.

Laser Hair Removal Intial Consultation | Laser Hair Removal Results After Three Sessions

I wont get in the details about the consultation process. Or what are the do’s and dont’s of laser hair removal as i covered them in previous articles. You are here to read all about my final results after all.

Results of Laser Hair Removal After Six Treatments with Therapie

So *drum roll* am i completely hair free? Short answer, not quite. I had my legs and underarms treated and i currently have an approximate 70-80% hair growth reduction. Shaving still happens maybe every three weeks to even out the skin, which is frankly incredible. I used to be the girl who had to shave every day if i was wearing skirts, the growth was so fast and obvious.

Oddly enough, the back of my thighs have been the most stubborn to the laser. I still have an incredible reduction, however i get the most regrowth there. My lower legs and underarms have responded the best so far.

I followed the instructions to the letter.  No fake tan, no sun exposure and regular exfoliating. I didn’t experience sensitivity or discomfort, the after treatment redness would go away by the next day. I did however noticed that my moles have gotten a lot darker. The therapist usually marks them with a white pen and is not meant to go over them, but i suppose sometimes they got exposed to the laser.

The rule of thumb of laser hair removal is to continue getting top up sessions to maintain the results. I will probably wait until summer is over and i’ll book some further treatments. Im craving the sun on my skin and desperately want to try some fake tan products, so autumn winter is best.

Would I Recommend Laser Hair Removal With Therapie to a Friend?

Yes, I personally have been delighted with my results. I was telling a friend about how liberating it feels to be skirt ready at all times. I don’t have to choose my outfit depending on if i have time or not to shave that day.  Specially last summer, i really struggled trying to space out my shaving to avoid irritation. And yes, waxing would have lasted longer but the growth stage drives me nuts.

I went to the Molesworth Clinic and have been looked after by Lauren and Amy. Both have been fantastic, very professional and warm at the same time. Actually, everyone i met during my treatments from reception to therapists have been lovely. Their customer service and follow on have been very good. And i usually have very high standards as i am in the customer service business myself.

Overall, getting laser hair removal has been something that i wish i would’ve done sooner. It really made a huge difference to my day to day beauty routine.



therapie laser hair removal results

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