Laser Hair Removal with Therapie | After Three Sessions Review

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Laser Hair Removal with Therapie | Results After Three Treatments

I can’t believe i am already half way my laser hair removal treatment with Therapie. The full course is made of six sessions, one every six weeks. To remind of what i am getting done and to see what to expect from the initial consultation, you can check my first post here. I covered there everything that you can expect from the free consultation.

If you follow me on Instagram (here), you probably seen my story updates every time i went and got a laser treatment. I try to document while im there and answer any questions someone might have. Actually i got a lot of feedback from my lasts posts and it seems that many of you are interested in getting the treatment done.

I will get straight to point and tell you all that i have experienced and noticed in terms of results. I am getting full leg and underarm done, if anybody is wondering.

Time wise, the laser treatment is very quick – between 20-30 minutes from waiting time to getting out. If you have any Therapie clinic close by your work place you can totally wiz in and out on your lunch break.

The therapist will give you a few private minutes to undress in the room and then it will proceed to the session. The area will be drawn in sections with a pen so no inch will be left uncovered by the laser.

No tan can be present on the skin for the duration of the treatment, natural or from the bottle.

In preparation to the treatment you have to have the area shaved in the last 24h and no tan has to be visible on the skin – natural or from the bottle. This is very important and you will be sent home if you come in with patches of tan. Also no heavy deodorants to be used a week prior if you are getting the underarm done. You will be asked about any changes in medication or new tattoos each time you visit.

When the laser starts working you will feel a lot of cold air and minimal to none pain. I honestly, hand on heart, didn’t get any pain. I was expecting at least a pinch but i didn’t. Everyone is different so i cant vouch that your skin will react like mine. A squeeze ball is provided for stress relief and of course the therapist will give you a break when needed.

As i covered in my initial consultation post, its recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the appointment. So no jeans or tights. I made the mistake once and wore my skinny jeans and i understood why its not ideal to wear them after the laser treatment. It was like the denim was scratching and irritating my skin with every step i made. Ill stick to my joggers next time.

After Care

You will have to purchase two products on top of your laser hair removal treatment as an aftercare. You will have to exfoliate 3-4 times a week with a Murad AHA cleanser and moisturize with the Therapie Aloe Vera gel. They cost around €50 together, however they will probably last you for the duration of the treatment. A little goes a long way and im only half way trough each bottle.

After each laser treatment you get a 30% reduction of hair

After each session i was blown away by how fast my hair growth has been diminished. You get around 30% reduction after each treatment and its been wonderful. What i noticed is that i started to get bald patches – islands of no hair that just got bigger after each session. I am now shaving once every 2-3 weeks. My only regret is that i didn’t get it done sooner!

If you are interested in getting the treatment done, Therapie has their amazing One Cent Sale back. Buy one area of laser hair removal and get a second area for just 1 cent.

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This post has been done in collaboration with Therapie. All views, results and opinions are my own.

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