New My Clarins Millennial Skincare Launch

my clarins skincare

My Clarins Skincare Brand For Teenagers and Young Adults

my clarins skincare

The latest exciting skincare launch is brought out by Clarins with the release of the brand new My Clarins line. More of a brand within a brand, My Clarins is targeted at teenagers and young adults. Millennials that are looking for a vegan, plant based and environment friendly skincare line.

Nine products are available at the moment, with the promise of more to come. Prices ranging between €17-€25, which places the brand as an affordable luxury for the young millennial. Three moisturizers targeted for three different skin types, Micellar Cleansing Milk, Hydrating Beauty Mist, a Night Mask, Blur and Matte Stick, Purifying Cleansing Gel and a Clear Out product against imperfections.

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My Clarins is completely vegan and is bottled in fully recyclable packaging. More so, My Clarins will not be sold in countries that require animal testing. This includes China and South America, two of the largest cosmetics markets. You can only admire the Clarins effort and hopefully more brands will take a similar stance.

The product formulas are also free from phthalates, parabens and sulfates. Ingredients include Meadowseed extract, designed to reduce imperfections. Moringa extract for its detoxifying properties and Strawberry tree extract, reduce pores and shine.

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You can check out the My Clarins line here. Read more about Clarins new releases and products here.

My Clarins now available to purchase on ASOS here.

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my clarins skincare

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