HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer Review

HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer

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Earlier this year i gave my box room a makeover, with the idea in mind of transforming it into the ultimate Beauty Room. I painted the walls myself, got a new table that would double up as an office and makeup space. I detoxed my makeup stash, clearing out expired products and stuff that just didn’t suited me. There was still A LOT of stuff left. Besides being a blogger and getting sent makeup for reviews, i also work in luxury beauty retail. So, part of my job perks is to get an allocation of makeup and beauty products. Some people get gym memberships or health insurance. I get free makeup.

Something that i struggled with in my old setup was that i couldn’t see what i had. Everything was in drawers or boxes, neatly stored away. Out of sight, out of mind. So during my big clear out i found loads of products that i simply forgot about.

HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer

HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer Review

I already had a HerClutterBox Nail Polish rack that i completely adore and was a brilliant addition to my room. You can read my review here. Its still very much used and loved to this day. So when i was sent the Crystal Clear 4 Drawer, i just knew it will bring a welcomed change into my routine.

As the name suggests, the Crystal Clear 4 Drawer is a transparent acrylic unit, with completely customizable drawers and inserts. It fits so much in, i can create compartments with the acrylic inserts and most importantly – i see everything i have.

HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer

Product Features

All ClutterBoxes are handmade using high-grade virgin acrylic. This gives the ClutterBox it’s crystal clear appearance and helps reduce glue or bubble defects. Acrylic is an extremely durable material. Stronger, lighter and even safer than glass.

Specially designed drawer knob makes it easy to pull and push drawers in and out of the ClutterBox. Also prevents any fake tan or foundation marks on the drawer.

The lid of the of ClutterBox has been designed with you in mind. The lid lifts up and all the way to the back of the ClutterBox. This cool feature allows you to keep taller products on the top shelf. The lid has two sturdy transparent hinges which are designed to be in keeping with the overall look and feel of the ClutterBox.

When you buy a ClutterBox you’ll find 3 sets of handy dividers that come inside. The dividers have been designed to be completely adjustable allowing you to organize your makeup in your ClutterBox just how you like it.

There is nothing worse than a drawer that won’t open, especially when you are you getting ready for that big night out and your favorite lipstick is inside that drawer. With that in mind, the ClutterBox has been designed with E-Z slide drawer features. The drawers glide in and out of the ClutterBox with ease.

HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer

 The HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer Unit retails for €169 and you can shop for it here.

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HerClutterBox Crystal Clear 4 Drawer

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  1. Maria
    December 23, 2019 / 7:24 am

    I love it…I have a makeup organizer rotating one which I use for my skincare and i love it

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