Sustainable packaging and fair trade ingredient sourcing with L’Occitane sustainable eco refill

L'Occitane sustainable eco refill Sustainable packaging and fair trade ingredient sourcing with L’Occitane

L’Occitane sustainable eco refill. The Start of Never Ending Good

L’Occitane has added to their commitment to Reduce Waste, a new aluminium packaging and eco-refills to their popular Ultra Rich Shea Butter Body Cream. Eco Refills can already be purchased for the popular liquid hand soaps, shower gels, bath soaks and hair care. The plastic used for creating the eco refills is made from 100% recycled plastic. When the product is finished, it can be re-recycled in any of the L’occitane boutiques nationwide. A new economical and sustainable approach to beauty packaging! Im optimistic that more and more brands will follow suit.

Besides the environmental commitment with sustainable packaging, L’Occitane also prides itself in sourcing ingredients trough fair trade practices. L’Occitane has been working with women’s cooperatives in Burkina Faso since the 1980’s and more recently in Ghana. To improve the lives and working conditions of Burkinbe and Ghanaian women, building long-term and 100%
Fair Trade partnerships* (since 2009). To provide educational and financial resources in collaboration with the L’occitane Foundation.

They purchase the shea butter directly from the producers. Which is financially advantageous for the women, providing more economic security so they can achieve a higher level of independence. This also helps them to invest in improving working conditions and making production chains more sustainable.

L'Occitane sustainable eco refill Ultra Rich Body cream 200ml €37. Eco Refill €34.50

What is Shea Butter?

Derived from the fatty kernel contained inside the shea nut, shea butter is intensely nourishing. With protecting properties thanks to being rich in omega’s 3 & 6 and high in antioxidant vitamin E. Colloquially known as ‘women’s gold’, shea butter has been used by West African countries for centuries to protect the skin from The Harmattan. Harsh, dry and dusty winds that blow in from the Sahara.

Rather than buying the shea nuts or kernels, they buy shea butter made on site by women’s cooperatives using mechanized processes, inspired by centuries-old techniques. This is really important to L’Occitane. It means they can directly contribute to the income of the cooperatives. And ensure traditional skills are kept alive and passed down through generations.

L'Occitane sustainable eco refill Shea Shower Oil €22 (eco refill available). Ultra Rich Body Scrub €32. Ultra Rich Body Cream €37 (eco refill available)

Sustainable Sourcing

It takes over 20 years for the Shea tree to start bearing nuts. Shea trees grow wild in Eastern and Western Africa, and are native to this region. They can tolerate the hot, dry conditions, and need little water to survive. So they’re perfectly adapted to their environment. These trees help to prevent desertification, limit greenhouse gas emissions, support wildlife and of course, provide a source of income for local populations. There are no Shea tree plantations, so it’s incredibly important to help protect the Shea park lands. The Sustainable Picking Charter, signed by the five cooperatives they work with, ensures that the Shea trees are looked after naturally. Without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals, thus protecting biodiversity. Thanks to all involved, the supply chain was recognized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)in 2013 and

L'Occitane sustainable eco refill Shea Butter Hand Cream and Foot Cream available as a set for €40 (€8 saving).

“L’Occitane has established itself as a true partner that aims to support the entire community of women’s Shea butter cooperatives and their working and living environment. This support comes through the Shea butter supply chain, but also through the L’Occitane’s foundation, which is involved in projects focused on training, entrepreneurship, education and safety.”  Kady Traore – Project Manager at Africa Phylantropy.


L’Occitane Shea Butter range includes a variety of body care and face care products. To nourish very dry, sensitized skin and cocoon yourself in a protective layer. With one sold every 4 seconds worldwide, the Shea Butter hand cream is a hand bag and night stand essential. It repairs dry skin without leaving unwanted greasiness residue on the skin. The Ultra Rich Body cream can be used by the whole family. A soft, comforting, powdery scent will envelop the skin and soothe dry areas. Oh and the Shea Butter Shower Oil is a shower experience that cant be missed out! A luxurious foam that leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

To check the whole Shea Butter collection see here.

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