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Decorating a Toddlers Room on a Budget | Haul

I am very late to the party, only earlier this summer i have discovered what cheap treasures they can have on their website. I was always admiring Sharon’s hauls (see her blog here), she usually got great trinkets, jewelry or kids toys for mere penneys so, with a project in mind –…

Sophia’s 1st Birthday! | Budget Friendly Things That You Will Need During Baby’s First Year

21st of January at 6.48 am we finally met our baby girl Sophia, two weeks overdue and weighting a mere 7 pounds despite my impressive bump. Seriously it was ridiculously big.
I don’t think i will ever forget those two days of labor and delivery – the emotion, the nerves and the excitement….

Baby and Body 7 Months Update | Sophia Alexandra

Ok, we are seven months old. When did it happen? We just blinked and zoomed trough a madness of nappies, bottles and worries to a seven month old baby who eats real food, chats and plays with her toys. Well, when im saying plays i mean chews her toys….

Baby and Body 6 Months Update | Sophia Alexandra

I have been meaning to do regular updates on Sophia’s development and mine since the begging, but somehow time flew and i found myself with a six month old baby. It still feels like i just had Sophia, yet weirdly like she was with us our whole lifes.
Because im one of them people who frantically google baby development posts,…

Mothercare Loved So Much Playmat Review

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Since baby Sophia was born, i have started looking out more for Parenting Blogs and new mum’s experiences for reassurance and a bit of inspiration. Before having Sophia i haven’t even held a baby before, never mind deal with nappy changes or knowing what’s the best cream to treat dermatitis,…