Shiseido Pureness Warming Scrub

Shiseido Pureness Warming Scrub is part of the deep cleansing/pore purifying range designed for a oily-combination type of skin. You will find in the range all you need to fight shine and keep the sebum (oil) under control with products like a foaming wash, matyfing moisturiser, bloating papers (they are great and in the generous number of 100), toner, mask and of course this lovely scrub.

Shiseido Warming Scrub

This product should be used on the previously cleansed dry skin and massaged gentley with circular movements. While massaging it, you might feel a slight warm feeling and notice the circulation of the skin being improved (slight redness). This part was unclear to me, it is called a warming scrub so i was expecting a warming/tingly even effect when used, but this product delivered a faint feeling of warmth (which could be due to the massage).

The consistency is of a clear gel full of white and red exfoliating beads that will micro-exfoliate and refine the skin, while minimising the appearance of pores. The product itself is not aggressive at all, has a gentle action and i believe is suitable for sensitive skin. You only need a bit, as a little goes a long way due to its dense consistency.  Should be used once or twice a week, avoiding the eyes and mouth area.

Shiseido Warming Scrub consistency

The result: at first i was a bit skeptical because it wasn’t feeling like i was scrubbing. Also because it should be used on dry skin, it doesn’t foam so in my mind it doesn’t clean (I’m wrong i know). When rinsed, it takes a lot of time to get rid of all the micro beads and you have to be careful not to get them in you eye (its gonna be like sand, not pretty).

Anyway, after the whole process is completed the most soft and smooth skin is revealed! Oh yes, my skin it is baby soft and i even noticed that it looks even better the morning after (i use it mostly in the evening).

 I can honestly say that this face scrub is one of those gentle products that deliver great results.

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  1. March 25, 2010 / 1:26 pm

    I am always attracted by self-heating scrubs 😉 and they must be gentle with my bit sensitive skin, so this sounds great 😉 have you tried anything else from this Shiseido’s range?

  2. andreea
    March 25, 2010 / 8:37 pm

    I havent tried any other products from the skincare range (just some makeup), but i have used the cellulite cream/range. It is just brilliant, it really works. I think its called Body creator or something like this.

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