Disappointing Products

Or I should better say ‘products that didn’t work for me’. Most of these products are probably quite popular and are favorites for lots of people, sadly im not one of them. Blame it on my skin type, genetics or just bad chemistry these are some of my recent product dislikes:

Dissapointing Products 1. Nivea In Shower Body Conditioner for Normal Skin – i bad mouthed this sad sucker for ages now, it seems that is like the bad twin of the Dry Skin version of the Body Conditioner. It seemed way to light, didn’t condition at all although im not even dry. Read more about the blue version (dry skin) here.

2. Charles Worthington Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer – long name, weak performance. Got this months ago as an addition to my haircare routine, the serum like texture is meant to be applied on dry hair and left overnight for a deep treatment. Well, about that… Although i left it on as instructed numerous times, it left my hair in the exact same condition it was before. I was expecting soft, hydrated, bouncy hair and was left with the same tangly, dry and frizzy mop. Raging as it was quite expensive too.

3. L’Oreal CC Creams in Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Dullness. After my love of the Loreal BB Cream, figured these colour correcting creams will be just as good. Wrong! First of all, they were marketed to be worn by themselves with no foundation added on top. If i would’ve done that, i would probably be sent to see a doctor as the Anti-Fatigue one is leaving the skin a bright shade of yellow very similar to jaundice, whilst the Anti-Dullness one is a lovely purple shade.

Tried to wear them as primers and although the finish was grand, didn’t notice any colour correcting benefits. Plus it made my makeup slide off my face.

4. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – i just don’t get it! Tried it as primer, moisturiser and even as a pick-me-up mask and nothing. My skin was left in the same condition.

5. Benefit They’re Real Mascara – thank goodness i didn’t bought it and got it as a freebee with a magazine. Although im a fan of plastic type wands, this one just didn’t work for me – even more it kinda hurt my eyes. Maybe because im one of those people that apply mascara straight from the root to tip, going really inside the eye. Im just nifty like that.

Result wise, i was expecting long, fluttery lashes and got instead spiky, clumped spidery lashes. That were incredibly hard to remove.

6. Vichy Idealia BB Cream* – i should probably start this one with ‘honey is me, not you’. Despite my increased efforts to make this makeup relationship work, we were just too incompatible. Tried it with primer, without, with moisturiser, without… the results were all the same: wet looking finish that if even touched with a feather would slide off. And i mean really slide off, by lunch time i was left with literally half of makeup left. And because the shade was a tiny bit darker, i was a real vision.

Curious to hear about your experiences, did you get any cult beauty products that left you underwhelmed lately?

 *PR Sample.

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  1. August 20, 2013 / 6:32 am

    I’ve heard quite mixed responses from the Benefit ‘They’re real’ and glad I haven’t bought i. Sad to hear about the CW product as I usually like their range.


  2. Andreea
    August 20, 2013 / 6:35 am

    Get maybe one of the Benefit travel sizes and see if it suits you, sadly it left me underwhelmed. Same about the CW, read so many glowing reviews on blogs and Youtube about this and it just didn’t deliver for me.

  3. Jacinta
    August 20, 2013 / 10:35 am

    I got a sample of the Vichy Idealia from my local chemist and it just looked horrible on me! So glad I didn’t buy it!!!

  4. August 20, 2013 / 10:51 am

    I so agree with you on the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, I will never know what it’s designed for….well, I know it in theory, but to me it’s *just* a great smelling product that doesn’t do anything for my skin!

    I also agree on the Vichy Idealia BB Cream, the lightest shade is super cool, but its melting consistency isn’t. I have no idea what everyone else sees in it! xx

  5. Actionmags
    August 23, 2013 / 1:58 pm

    I just don’t like BB creams – they just don’t work I don’t know what the whoo ha is all about

  6. Andreea
    August 23, 2013 / 3:27 pm

    Yep, me too. Give me a proper foundation any time.

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