True Beauty Starts From Within: Truvivity by Nutrilite Beauty Supplements

Truvivity by Nutrilite Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Tea Pot Truvivity by Nutrilite review Being a new mum, when it comes to looking after myself, i have good days and bad days. There are days when my meals would make the #fitfam proud, while others would see me eating an entire jar of Meridian Almond and Coconut Butter at 3am. You win some, you lose some. While i am aiming for a balanced diet, food supplements are something im relying on to help me get more energy and nutrients into my body.

When i was asked if i wanted to trial a new skin supplement, i jumped to the opportunity. My skin has become very dehydrated, dull, with the odd breakout after the pregnancy – probably a mixture of central heating, tiredness and hormonal changes. I need a boost and spring is the perfect time for it. Before i said yes, i researched the product to learn a bit more before committing and seen that Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan and actually endorses it (see the video here). Well if it would get me that JLO glow, im in!

TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE™ is Amway’s new brand. It is a beauty system consisting of a Beauty Supplement and a Beauty Powder Drink which have been designed to support skin health with a blend of nutrient rich ingredients. The Beauty Supplement is a food supplement providing vitamin A, C and zinc which work together to contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. Additionally vitamin C and zinc help to protect skin cells from oxidative stress. The Beauty Drink is a food supplement containing vitamin C to help the normal collagen formation for normal function of the skin and to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Based on the PhytoInfuse™ complex and vitamin C and zinc, the Beauty Supplement is designed to relieve skin from oxidative stress. One blister pack consisting of two tablets is taken each night as a daily skincare regimen. During the night, it uses the skin’s restorative nighttime rhythm to combat negative side effects from the environment on the skin such as sun exposure, pollution or the traces of a hectic lifestyle.

The Beauty Powder Drink complements the Beauty supplement. It provides vitamin C, Zinc, the PhytoCeramide Complex as well as cranberry extract. The refreshing grapefruit flavored drink can be enjoyed in the morning or throughout the day and its nutrients help to reduce tiredness and fatigue and to support skin health.


I was sent a box of the Truvivity capsules and one of the drink sachets to trial out everyday for a month and record my results on the blog. I’ve never taken a skin supplement before, so i’m hoping they will restore some radiance and life into my skin. This plus my one avocado a day strategy, should get me in top shape in no time!

– To be continued –

*PR Sample. Truvivity Beauty Supplement (€85) and Beauty Powder Drink (€47).

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  1. March 12, 2016 / 9:26 am

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it Andreea!

  2. Michelle Baker
    March 16, 2016 / 9:48 pm


  3. John Gorinta
    April 25, 2016 / 7:04 am

    Hello Andreea,
    I have been tracking your post since you have posted this 🙂

    Any updates on the results?


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